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Why Simply Customized Travel?

If Your Travel Bucket List Isn’t Shrinking,

You Need Our Help!  

“One day I’m going to Tuscany,”

“When the kids get older, (graduate high school, move out) we’ll go on that World Cruise.”

“When I retire I’ll spend time traveling with my family.”

“I want to celebrate my (insert number that ends with a five or zero) birthday by taking a trip to Australia.”

“When my grandchildren graduate from (college or high school) I’m going to take them to Spain.”


Or When A Destination Is Mentioned You Hear Yourself Saying,

Oh, I’ve Always Wanted To Go There!”


If this sounds like you, we can help!


Our expertise is cutting through the mountains of online information and illuminating your best travel options, thus saving your precious time. We customize an itinerary perfectly tailored to you, yet well beyond your expectations.

We begin by setting a complimentary consultation in order to get to know you, your travel style and the goal of your specific trip, because we know that the Once In A Life Time Trip to Europe for the two of you is going to be a lot different that taking the Grandchildren on a trip to Europe!

If you have an Extensive Travel Bucket List, we have a special program for you called, ‘Return On Life” 



The “Return On Life” travel program helps you by giving you a plan to meet your Travel Goals, in much the same way that a financial advisor helps you with a road map to your financial goals! 


DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER – A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step… THIS IS THAT STEP! 

Click Here for a 3o minute free consulation to talk about it!

Why Choose Simply Customized Travel?
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This aint your Great-Grandma’s Travel Agency! In years past, travel agents have been order takers who where there to get you the cheapest deal on airline tickets, cruises and tours.  That’s not what we do here at Simply Customized Travel.  Sure, we want you to get a great value, but our focus is on the over-all feel and balance of your trip.  But “Cheap” isn’t our goal!   “The Bitterness Of Poor Quality Remains Long After The Sweetness Of Low

Specialty Cruise Collection – 2017

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  Cruising Your Way See the world the way you like – intimate and in unique style. This year’s collection of Specialty Cruise Partners and me, your Virtuoso travel advisor, are all you need to arrange the perfect vacation. Whether your plans include the whole family or you’re going it alone, an exploration of the warm waters of the South Pacific or the quaint towns along the Danube, these partners offer the opportunity for an exceptional cruise experience. I will