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Talking About our Big Buts – “I’d Love to, But…” Passports

by in Uncategorized on April 23, 2012

Let’s start talking about our big “buts”

Yes, it’s a funny play on words, however I really do hear this quite a bit.  I find that when I meet new people and  they find out I’m a Travel Advisor who specializes in Europe, one of the first things they will say to me is, “I’d love to go to Europe, but….”

What comes after the “but” really can vary, and I’ve heard many, many reasons why people can’t go to Europe over the years.   I think that I’d like to spend some time on this…So let’s talk about some of our “Big Buts!”

The first Big But that I’d like to tackle is the Passport.

Having a Valid Passport is a Must for International Travel…quick facts


    • You must have a valid Passport Booklet to fly into or out of the U.S. If you are on a cruise in the Caribbean and need to fly home in an emergency, you’ll be happy that you have the passport booklet!
    • The Passport Card Can not be used to fly internationally!  It’s not the right choice for 95% of our clients.  I’m always surprised when our clients are advised at the Post Office that they can get the Passport Card and save money and still cruise…true, but you can’t fly with the passport card!  You are going through all of the same trouble to apply without getting the BEST option.
    • Adult Passports are generally valid for 10 years while children’s passport are only valid for 5 years
    • When applying for a child’s passport, both parents or legal guardians must appear and give consent if the child is under 16.  Many busy parents get tripped-up by this one!
    • If you have a legal name change within 1 year of the date your passport is issued, you may send in to have it updated.  (Good news for brides!)
    • You are able to request extra pages in your passport for no additional cost!  Do it now!  Adding them in a few years will end up costing you money that you don’t have to spend if you request those extra pages when you initially apply.
    • Some countries will deny your entry if your passport isn’t valid for at least 6 months past the date of your intended stay. Checking your expiration date when you first begin trip planning is a wise idea.
  • You have to Apply for a Passport.  You don’t buy them.  There is always a chance that your application could be denied.  (Behind in Child Support is one of the reasons)  Because of this, it’s best to apply early.  By doing so if a delay happens or you get denied, you don’t have all the extra stress.

We will talk more about the application process next time.  Have a great day!

Check out the State Department’s Website to get more information.
 About Trish Gastineau –
Trish was a Navy brat that always wanted to live in Europe, yet her father kept pulling tours of duty in the Pacific or Asia. So what’s a girl to do? After traveling the world as a military kid, she realized she knew it all and jumped into the travel business specializing in the area she loved—Europe.  When Trish came into the industry in 1993 knowing it all—she got her wake up call. Over the past 20 years, she has been a brick and mortar agent, an independent contractor, and outside agent, and finally she has her
 own agency and is acting as a host for this niche market. Along the way, she never let her knowledge
 get rusty—Trish has earned her MCC and her CTC to benefit her clients.Trish has been in the Travel Industry since  1993.  She and her family move to Montgomery, Alabama in 2006 from Chattanooga, TN.Please contact her by phone or email if you are interested in having her come and speak to your Club or Group.

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