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Why are Rhine River Cruises SO Popular?

by in Uncategorized on June 19, 2012

I bet you didn’t know that the Romantic Rhine river cruises offered by Avalon Waterways, are TWO of their most popular!


Some of you may be scratching your heads right now wondering…2 Romantic Rhine River Cruises?  Trish has made another typo!

But-I didn’t.  Avalon does have 2 versions of the Romantic Rhine Cruise available with 2 separate ships operating on the river!  While one ship sails from Basel, Switzerland and ends in Amsterdam, Holland, the second ship is sailing the opposite itinerary.

The 2 ships and 2 itinerary options are due in part to the magnificence of the Rhine River herself.  The Romantic Rhine River Cruise from Avalon Waterways includes as its highlight, the Beautiful castle-line Rhine River Gorge and its scenic coastline!  You glide down the river just taking in the sites, and when you dock, you hop off in the middle of town and take in the culture and history!


The 7 night, 8 day cruise options, (with one additional night in the air from the US) is an other very favorable factor.  We Americans just don’t get the vacation time that Europeans do, and when we do, it’s usually difficult for most employees to take more than a week off at one time!  As a matter of fact, Americans end up losing a good number of our earned vacation days!

The third reason that the Romantic Rhine Cruise is Avalon Waterways’ most popular is the cities, towns and villages that you’ll experience on this itinerary!  You’ll find that you’ll be visiting some the coolest places in Europe by just stepping off of your cruise ship!

Look at  this list and tell me what you think!

Basel, Switzerland / Strasbourg, France / Heidelberg, Germany / Mainz, Germany / Rudesheim, Germany / The Beautiful Rhine Gorge / Koblenz, Germany / Cologne, Germany / Amsterdam, Holland

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Trish Gastineau, European Travel Specialist

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