Do I need to buy additional travel insurance to protect myself?

by in Travel Specials on September 28, 2019

Hi  my friend!

 I got an email today that made me think about all my wonderful clients.

After reading the email I thought to myself, “you know Trish, I bet other people would benefit from this information” and decided to send it to you.  After reading it, you may find that you’d like to send it to a friend or loved one who also likes to travel. That would be fine…I think that it’s nice to help people when we can. 

I have been asked by clients more than a few times, if the insurance offered by their personal credit card will be sufficient to cover their trip…basically asking, “do I need to buy additional travel insurance to protect myself.”  

Honestly, that is a question that I’m not equipped to answer. Not because I’m not educated on travel insurance, or that I’m not up to speed in my profession, but because there are just too many variables that I DON”T KNOW about what their credit card offers in the way of coverage!  

Now you may know that I always recommend Travel Protection Coverage to every client, on almost every trip! You may remember me telling you about the time I was stranded in London with my daughter over Christmas because of the crazy snow storm that shut down all the airports in Northern Europe for over a week!  

Yep…I got caught with my pants down. 

I didn’t buy the travel insurance on that trip because we were using points for everything, and if I canceled there wasn’t going to be a loss of cash. What I shortsightedly didn’t consider was that good Travel Protection Insurance doesn’t ONLY cover cancellations, but also a TRIP DELAY that causes you to shell out gobs of money you didn’t plan on spending on your forced stay in London (one of the most expensive cities in the world) over Christmas (one of the peak travel times of the year!)

Had I purchased the very inexpensive policy, (inexpensive because the cost is calculated on the price of the package you are covering and your age), I could been reimbursed up to the limits of the policy, and NOT had to tap into January’s house payment money just to have a place to stay over Christmas! 

So when this question about, “which is better? My credit card’s insurance, or buying a separate policy” comes my way, the best way that I’m able to assist, is by helping my client ask better questions to their credit card company.  

This morning one of my favorite travel protection providers touched on this subject in their email newsletter and offered up some WONDERFUL questions that you can ask your credit card company the next time you wonder which coverage is best for you and your family! 

Please enjoy a excerpt email newsletter from Travelex Insurance!  “Does my credit card protection provide enough travel-related insurance benefits?” If you ever get this question, it can be a tough one to answer. While you can’t tell a client whether their credit card provides adequate coverage for their trip, you can recommend they research how their credit card protection compares to the travel insurance you offer them.

 Credit card companies provide different benefits, or no benefits at all, with many only covering expenses purchased on their card. It’s wise for your clients to review the fine print of their credit card travel-related protection to understand exactly what is covered.

Encourage your clients to find answers to questions like these:
Do I have trip cancellation insurance with my credit card?
If I need to cancel or interrupt my trip, what covered reasons are eligible?Do I have enough coverage for my trip?
Can I cancel if my traveling companion or family member gets sick?
Is emergency medical/dental and evacuation included as primary coverage with no deductibles?
Are pre-existing medical conditions covered?
If my luggage is lost, stolen or damaged, can I be reimbursed?
Can I be reimbursed for essential personal items that I must purchase if my luggage arrives late at my destination?
If my flight is delayed overnight, can additional expenses like hotel stays, meals and taxi fares be reimbursed? 

So there it is.  I hope that by supplying this list of questions, you, and anyone you share this email with, will be better able to judge the level of protection that is best for your situation.  Thank you for reading my email.

And one last thing – if you still have some vacation days for 2019, it’s NOT TOO LATE to use them either.

I’m happy to schedule a chat to see if we can generate some ideas that will fit into both your budgets of time and money!    

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